AnatomyARt Tabula Anatomica I

3D Anatomical Poster equipped with Augmented Reality


AnatomyARt Tabula Anatomica I

3D Anatomical Poster equipped with Augmented Reality

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AnatomyARt Tabula Anatomica I

3D Anatomical Poster equipped with Augmented Reality

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Tabula Anatomica I is a unique 3D anatomical poster equipped with Augmented Reality.

A work of art that turns into a learning tool with just the use of your smartphone. Tabula Anatomica I is part of the AnatomyARt Collection (4 posters in total).

These pictures are HD renderings of the ultra-accurate anatomical models used in the UpSurgeOn Head Atlas app, one of the most downloaded anatomy apps ever.

The Augmented Reality overlaps labels and other 3D models on the posters.

3 AR visualization modes:

  • Labels
  • Overlays
  • 3D model of vascular system and sinus

 Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with Head Atlas App to be sure you can use the augmented reality features.


Units: 1

Dimension: 50 x 70 cm

Paper Type: 300 gr 


Dimension: 75 × 14 × 14 cm

Weight: 0,250 kg

What is included with this purchase

  • Tabula Anatomica I
  • FREE App for Augmented Reality


Use with Neurosurgery App, available on Apple Store and Google Play.

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AnatomyARt: Science + Art = MAGIC

AnatomyARt is a work of art and science. The ultra-accurate anatomical models are rendered in High Definition to provide an impactful visual experience and represent  all the micro-details of human anatomy. 

The picture provides the beauty of human anatomy, the Augmented Reality shows the tridimensional labels and other 3D models overlapped to the 2D pictures.

The result is an amazing interactive experience, capable of entertaining, amazing but also supporting  anatomical teaching. A work of art that turns into a learning tool with just the use of your smartphone.

All  pictures are designed to provide a sense of artistic and scientific representation at the same time. Thought for any space.

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How does AnatomyARt work

  • Launch “UpSurgeOn Neurosurgery” App
  • Open the application
  • Open “AnatomyARt” module included in Neurosurgery app for free
  • Frame the entire Tabula Anatomica with your smartphone and enjoy your AR experience

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