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Start improving your microsurgical skills with the UpSurgeOn Psychomotor Skills Training Courses.
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Surgical courses retrospective

Browse through a visual archive of our previous surgical courses. Gain insights into our educational events and discover the expertise that awaits you.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

Whether it’s creating a permanent custom Lab for training in your Institution, organizing and delivering a tailored course for trainees and residents or attending a skills augmentation course within our facility, we provide the best solution for your needs.

Lab-in-a-Box: Transform any room within your institution into a Surgical Training Lab

Setup your training Lab, envision a training room within your institution, available 24/7, where trainees can enhance their microsurgical skills anytime they want.

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Streamlining Course Organization: Our Comprehensive Support Services

Efficiently organize your program and faculty, UpSurgeOn is fully committed to supporting your efforts by providing state-of-the-art simulators and a wide range of other essential facilities.

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