Simulation System for Endoscopic Transsphenoidal approaches


Simulation System for Endoscopic Transsphenoidal approaches

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Simulation System for Endoscopic Transsphenoidal approaches

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Enhance your psychomotor skills in skull base endoscopy with one of the most successful simulators of our series.

Designed to be used at home or during dissection courses, TNSBox allows you to perform a pituitary tumor resection through an endoscopic transsphenoidal approach.

This Simulation System consists in:

  • TNSBox, reusable endoscopic simulator (with the trajectory already traced)
  • Disposable cavities* (to prepare the whole trajectory through dissection and drilling techniques)

*Sold separately

Sold separately:

  • Disposable Cavities

Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Neurosurgery app to be sure you can use the augmented reality features in the Hybrid Training.


24 month

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TNSBox: Skull Base Training as never before!

Inspired by the best surgeons in the world, we designed a technology that gives you full access to an advanced psychomotor training program divided into 3 parts: Mental (App), Hybrid (Augmented Reality) and Manual (Box).

Get“Neurosurgery”, available on Apple Store and Google Play, and open the TNS module.

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TNSBox: designed by skull base neurosurgeons

Use it everywhere: at home, in a lab, in an OR

Who the TNS Training System is aimed at:

  • Medical Students
  • Trainees
  • Consultants

Train EVERYWHERE your Dexterity and 3D Imagination

With the TNS Box you can practice different aspects through physicalvirtual and augmented reality.

During the last 2 years we learned from trainees the needs in skull base training. With this in mind we designed an effective way to speed up the learning curve.

TNSBox is made to get dexterity and automatisms in the use of endoscope, dissector and tissue forceps. Explore the nasal cavity, reach the sella turcica and remove a tumor located into the pituitary fossa.

How it works

TNSBox works with an Augmented Reality app to provide a 360° psychomotor training experience.

Download the “Neurosurgery” App, open the “TNS” module to start your personal training programme:

Mental Training: in this section, divided into 5 chapters, you will learn, through the use of interactive 3D models, aspects of 3D imagination, automatism and strategy related with a TNS approach.

Hybrid Training: in this section you will be guided in transferring these notions from the virtual dimension to your TNS Box through the use of augmented reality: the app joins your physical simulator to give you the possibility to visualise and plan your intervention.

Manual Training: follow the tutorials to learn how to handle the tools included in your kit and how to move around during the exploration.

  • Mental Training | Apps

    Download the Neurosurgery App and learn anatomy, positioning and surgical steps of a procedure.

  • Hybrid Training | Augmented Reality

    Each Box comes with Augmented Reality. Open the Neurosurgery App and frame your marker to begin the experience. If available in your Box, use Mobile Navigation in the same way.

  • Manual Training | UpSurgeOn Box

    Perform all the steps of the most advanced manual training ever. Start with patient positioning, continue with the approach and move to microsurgical steps using a microscope, an exoscope or an endoscope.


Scientific Information

You need this level of detail! SuboccipitalBox is the result of a novel process called Scientific 3D Modeling.

Here is what you can explore and manipulate on this Simulator.


Septal Cartilage



Perpendicular plate of Ethmoid Bone

Sphenoidal Crest

Nasal Cavity

Inferior Choana

Middle Choana

Superior Choana

Sphenoid Sinus

Pituitary Tumor


Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 1,5 kg

TNSBox Scenario

Dimensions: 9 x 10 x 10 cm

Weight: 1,2 kg

Surgical Instruments


Microsurgical dissector: 1

Microsurgical tissue forceps: 1

Led Endoscope compatible with Android, Windows PC and macOS: 1


Quantity: 5 ml


Augmented Reality Functions: available

Navigation Kit

Marker: Available

Magnetic pointer: Available

Universal F-locker: Available

Metallic Plate: Available

Package Full Box

Dimension: 34 × 25 × 22 cm

Weight: 2,5 kg

Package Scenario

Dimension: 13 × 18 × 18 cm

Weight: 1,5 kg


Neurosurgery App

Use with Neurosurgery App, available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Instructions: Download Neurosurgery app on your smartphone, open the Aneurysm Free Module, start exploring, start learning!


AneurysmBox simulates a portion of freshly-injected human head, in particular parenchymal structures, cranial nerves, vessels and skull base. These structures are ultra-soft and for this reason delicate. Take care of your AneurysmBox like a real organic specimen. During exploration, any excess of force on vessels, nerves and other anatomical structures should be avoided. It is highly recommended not to stretch or cut the internal life-like anatomy.



• Adult assembly required

• Never leave children unattended with the AneurysmBox

• Never put hot liquids inside the Box

• Never put chemical substances inside the Box

• Wash with water, do not use chemical products

• Do not leave water inside

• Do not stretch or dissect brain

• Do not stretch vessels and nerves

• Do not use lubricant spray different than one included

• Protect the product from dust or any other powder

• Keep the product in a dry environment

• Keep the product away from any heat source

All materials used to produce the Box are certified, safe and non-toxic. Use of gloves, protective glasses and mask is always suggested to maintain the cleanliness of the simulator, and as a standard practice during each simulation. Wearing safety equipment is mandatory in the use of craniotomy simulation.

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