Skill Collection

Your first Personal Lab for Surgical Skills enhancement!


Skill Collection

Your first Personal Lab for Surgical Skills enhancement!

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Skill Collection

Your first Personal Lab for Surgical Skills enhancement!

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Skill Collection is the most complete collection of our Technologies for Skills development. Enhance your surgical skills from home, and create your personal LAB.

This Collection includes SkinPad, Mycro Full Kit with Surgical Loupes, 21 Sutures Threads, 9 Disposable Vessels for Mycro and Macro and Microsurgical Instruments.

Attention: check your smartphone’s compatibility with the Skill Series App to be sure you can use the augmented reality features.

Included with the Collection

  • SkinPad (10% OFF)
  • 21x Suture Threads 4/0 (5 already included with SkinPad + 10 for FREE)
  • Mycro Kit (10% OFF)
  • 9x Disposable Vessels for Mycro Ø 1 mm / Ø 2 mm (3 Already Included with Mycro + 6 for FREE)
  • Macrosurgical Instruments
  • Microsurgical Instruments
  • 3x 5/0 Suture Threads for Mycro
  • 3x 10/0 Suture Threads for Mycro
  • Surgical gauzes
  • Muscle Pod and Brain Pod
  • Surgical Loupes: 3,5X, led light, battery
  • Phone holder and AR marker
  • Other replacements: 2x membranes for sutures; 2x syringes with fake blood; approximator; lubricant
  • FREE Skill Series App with video tutorials on macrosutures, microsutures and anastomoses

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Your first personal LAB

Skill Collection is a comprehensive suite of Technologies that has been specifically designed to enhance and refine your expertise in key skills, including macrosutures, microsutures and anastomoses

This collection represents a significant step forward in surgical training methodologies, offering an immersive and realistic learning experience. Welcome to your first personal LAB for surgical skills development.

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Hyperrealistic Suturing Pad

Crafted from a unique blend of materials, the SkinPad combines softness with durability.

It can withstand multiple suture placements and removals, making it a cost-effective and long-lasting training tool.

Its multi-layered composition faithfully mimics the structure of human skin, subcutaneous tissue, dermis, adipose tissue, and muscle.

Discover SkinPad


Training System for Anastomoses and Microsutures

Mycrois your first personal training lab. It is a pocket-sized simulation kit for microvascular anastomoses and microsutures designed to be used in multiple disciplines.

It provides an experience comparable to the LIVE animal thanks to a blood flow simulation and a leak test system.

Discover Mycro

Skill Series App

A comprehensive library of exercises to develop your basic surgical skills

Skill Series App gives you FREE access to a comprehensive library of video tutorials to learn crucial skills, including macrosutures, microsutures and vascular anastomosis techniques.

Augmented reality features, video tutorials, scientific contents, and everything you need to master basic surgical skills!

Get it for FREE on Apple Store and Google Play!

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