Anterior Cervical Box

Training System for Anterior Cervical Spine surgeries

Anterior Cervical Box

Training System for Anterior Cervical Spine surgeries

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Anterior Cervical Box

Training System for Anterior Cervical Spine surgeries

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A new horizon for advanced psychomotor training in spine surgery with a revolutionary bleeding and hyperrealistic simulator. 

In 1 simulator you can perform a layer-by-layer neck dissection to detect the carotid artery and expose the cervical spine.

Spine procedures available: 5 discectomies, 4 corpectomies and any kind of anterior cervical fixation. 

Anterior Cervical SpineBox - Full Box

Dimensions: 14,5cm x 11cm x 10cm

Weight: 1,73 kg

Color: Black

Anterior Cervical SpineBox - Scenario

Dimensions: 10,5cm x 11cm x 10cm

Weight: 1 kg

Color: Black

Scientific Information

Here you can find all the ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES included in this simulator.


Bleeding skin and subcutaneous layer


Bleeding connective tissue

Sternocleidomastoid muscle

Trachea and esophagus (medial mass)

Carotid Artery


Prevertebral fascia

Bleeding prevertebral muscles

Vertebral bodies from C3 to C7

Discs from C3 to C7

Spine cord


Augmented Reality Functions: available


Use with Neurosurgery App, available on Apple Store and Google Play.


1 Year

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Spine surgical simulation: REALISTIC as never before!

Bleeding tissue, accuracy of dissection, carotid dissection, augmented reality, smart modularity, multiple cervical spine procedures available. Welcome to the revolution of spinal surgery training!

Guided by the Module “Spine Series”, available in the Neurosurgery App, perform incisions and dissections of bleeding neck tissue and prepare for surgical spine procedures.

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The most compact and complete simulator in the world

smart design simulator divided in two levels: the superior one, from skin incision to prevertebral plan and the inferior one, from prevertebral plan to spinal cord.

You can replace them separately. 

One simulator, multiple procedures. Practice, train and learn thanks to the modularity and replaceable parts. You decide where you want to focus or improve, we give you the means to do it and how many times you need to.

Designed, thought and used by spine surgeons, we put our hands on it and you will love it.

Surgical simulation has never been this ACCURATE

In ONE Simulator you can perform: 

  • Skin incision
  • Dissection of bleeding subcutaneous tissue
  • Layer-by-layer neck bleeding soft tissue dissection; 
  • Identify and preserve the carotid artery. 
  • Prepare the cervical spine structures. 
  • Perform 5 DISCECTOMIES, 4 CORPECTOMIES and any kind of FIXATION.

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