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Microsuture Techniques Courses

Anastomoses and watertight sutures course

The course includes practical exercises for the acquisition and enhancement of microsurgical skills through the practice of:

  • microsurgical anastomoses on 1 mm and 2 mm synthetic vessels;
  • adventitia dissection and vessel preparation;
  • end-to-end anastomoses and blood flow test;
  • end-to-side anastomoses and blood flow test;
  • dural sutures on synthetic membranes.

The aim of the course is to increase the surgical skills through the use of hyper-realistic simulators for microvascular and microreconstruction techniques.

The course is open to trainees and Consultants of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT, maxillo-facial surgery and vascular surgery.

Currently available courses


First Course:
May 31, 2023 | Online Lecture
June 1, 2023 | Hands-on Session

Second Course:
November 8, 2023 | Online Lecture
November 9, 2023 | Hands-on Session
Hands-on Course:
July 10-11, 2023