12 Vessels-Pack (Ø 1 mm)


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Life-like vessels with adventitia for Mycro Simulator

Mycro is the most powerful training kit to acquire microsurgical skills on Microvascular Anastomoses and Microsutures.

Designed by expert surgeons to be used at home or during training courses, Mycro is a complete portable equipment and create your first PERSONAL TRAINING LAB.

Included with this purchase:

  • 12 x Ø 1 mm life-like disposable vessels with adventitia
  • 1 x Fake blood refill
  • Lubricant


These Vessels are designed for Mycro Simulator.
Get this product ONLY if you already have Mycro simulator.

Shipping time: 5 Working Days

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Life-like suturing experience and blood flow simulation.

The most realistic training experience ever.

Mycro Simulator is designed to provide the most hyperrealistic training ever thanks to a life-like training experience comparable to the exercise on live animals. This is possible thanks to vessels with adventitia and blood flow simulation for leak detection (Ø 1 mm and 2 mm vessels).

Get your Mycro Simulator and replace the Disposable vessels for an unlimited manual training on microvascular anastomosis techniques.

Mycro Training System

Scientific Information

Training System for Anastomoses and Microsutures. 

Mycro allows you to practice on:

  • End-to-End/End-to-Side/Side-to-Side Anastomoses on 1mm and 2mm vessels
  • Life-like vessels with dissectable adventitia
  • Microsutures on any suturable material (like a piece of glove)

Anastomosis like on a LIVE animal

Watertight microvascular anastomoses require advanced skills.
Mycro is a personal lab for your daily training.

Blood flow simulation on life-like vessels is now possible also in a non-animal model.
Thanks to the leak testing under pressure you will be able to check your suture at any moment.

Unlimited Training

Use any suturable materials for your training

Mycro allows you to put any membrane under tension and practice microsuturing. Included with this simulator you will receive 2 membranes for dural/or membrane microsuture training.
You can use any type of suturable material, such as a piece of glove!

Technical Information

Lenght: 7 cm

Number: 12

Total Diameter: 1,1 mm

Internal Lumen: 0,8 mm

Vessel wall thickness: 150 microns

Adventitia thickness: 150 microns

Color: Translucent white

Quantity: 2 ml

Type: Arterial Blood

Quantity: 5 ml

Dimension: 9 × 8,5 × 6 cm

Weight: 140 gr

  • 12 x Ø 1 mm life-like disposable vessels with adventitia
  • 1 x Fake blood refill
  • Lubricant
  • Adult assembly required
  • Never leave children unattended with Mycro
  • Never put hot liquids above the product
  • Never put chemical substances above the product
  • Wash with water, do not use chemical products
  • Keep the product in a dry environment
  • Keep the product away from any heat source
  • Pay attention to your eyes when using


All materials used to produce UpSurgeOn products are certified, safe and non-toxic. Use of gloves, protective glasses and mask is always suggested to maintain the cleanliness of the simulator and the tools, and as a standard practice during each simulation.



Available on Apple Store and Google Play (Free).

Additional information

Weight 0,140 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8,5 × 6 cm


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